Here’s a quick overview to give you an idea what episodes we’ve got planned until the end of the year. If you want to become a guest on any of these, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

(Note: we’re happy to welcome guests on any of these episodes, but the ones with the note “Looking for guest” are the ones where we will definitely go out and look for someone to interview/bring on “live” with us.)

(Note 2: This is not a complete list of all episodes we’ve put out so far, only what we’re recording this year. For a complete list, please check Episodes!)

Date Episode Category Notes
06 Jan Colin Morgan Meet the Actor Listen
20 Jan 2018 Recap Part 1 Fandom Listen
27 Jan 2018 Recap Part 2 Fandom Listen
03 Feb 1×13: Le Morte d’Arthur Episode Review Listen
10 Feb Season 1 Recap Episode Review Listen
17 Feb Reincarnation/Arthur Returns Fandom: Fanfiction Listen
03 Mar Cinematography & SFX Love to Hate Listen
17 Mar 2×01: The Curse of Cornelius Sigan Episode Review Listen
31 Mar Minor female & male characters S1 Character Analysis Listen
14 Apr Angel Coulby Meet the Actress Looking for guests
28 Apr 2×02: The Once and Future Queen Episode Review Pre-production
12 May Modern AU Fandom: Fanfiction Looking for guest
26 May Music Love to Hate Pre-production
09 Jun 2×03: The Nightmare Begins Episode Review Pre-production
23 Jun Female Villains S1 Character Analysis Looking for guests
07 Jul Katie McGrath Meet the Actress Looking for guests
21 Jul 2×04 Lancelot & Guinevere Episode Review Pre-production
04 Aug Crossovers & Fusions Fandom: Fanfiction Looking for guests
18 Aug Mergana Fandom: Ships Looking for guests
01 Sep 2×05+06: The Beauty and the Beast Episode Reviews Pre-production
15 Sep Male Villains S1 Character Analysis Looking for guests
29 Sep Anthony Head Meet the Actor Looking for guests
13 Oct 2×07: The Witchfinder Episode Review Pre-production
27 Oct Art Fandom: Creations Looking for guests
10 Nov Sexy & kinky Fandom: Fanfiction Pre-production
24 Nov 2×08: The Sins of the Father Episode Review Looking for guests
08 Dec Kilgharrah Character Analysis Looking for guests
22 Dec Richard Wilson Meet the Actor Looking for guests