Episode 31: Fanfiction “Canon Fics”

In today’s episode, MissSnowFox, momo and their two guests talk about Canon Fics. We try to categorise canon fics into sub genres, and of course we mention quite a lot of fics. The episode runs just a couple of minutes under 2h 30min and features momo and Rox heavily disagreeing on classification, and three people… Continue reading Episode 31: Fanfiction “Canon Fics”

Episode 23: Fanfiction “Early Fics”

In today’s episode, momo and MissSnowFox are joined by Archaeologist_D to talk about the early fics written in this fandom. The fics that were conceived before everything changed in Season 3 and before all the characters were introduced. To get in touch with us, send an email, an ask on tumblr, or tweet at us on twitter. To… Continue reading Episode 23: Fanfiction “Early Fics”