Merlisten (Merlin + Listen) is a bi-weekly podcast about the TV show Merlin (BBC, 2008-2012).

It’s hosted by misssnowfox and momo.

We discuss the show (episodes, characters, etc.), its fans, and the fandom (fanworks, genres, ships, and more).

We started recording this podcast in autumn 2017 as a way to give voice to all the feelings and opinions and meta we’ve assembled between the two of us, and that simply had nowhere to go. After hours of phone conversations in which we talked and talked and talked about our favourite characters, ships, and episodes, and during which we both realised that we had a bunch of complaints and things we wish had been done differently with the show, we asked ourselves if other people in this fandom feel the same way we do. And thus, Merlisten was born. We use the podcast not only to broadcast our own opinions, but also in the hopes of inciting new and exciting conversations and discussions about our favourite show.

If you want to be part of an episode, or join the discussion, you can do so by either emailing us directly at merlisten[dot]podcast[at]gmail[dot]com, or by finding us on any of our multiple social media sites.

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