Episode 29: Review 1×11 The Labyrinth of Gedref

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowfox and Momo talk about the eleventh episode of BBC’s Merlin, “The Labyrinth of Gedref”.

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  • First aired 30 Nov 2008
  • 2 female characters (with lines)
    • 2 main cast (Gwen, Morgana)
  • 6 male characters (with lines)
    • 4 main cast (Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Uther)
    • 2 supporting cast (Anhora, Evan)
  • Enemy/Monster of the Week: n/a
  • Arthur kills 1 creature: unicorn

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Episode 28: Bradley James
May I Love You, by MissSnowFox

2 thoughts on “Episode 29: Review 1×11 The Labyrinth of Gedref

  1. Hello 🙂 I really loved this episode. I couldn’t stop giggling. You pointed out so many things I never realised (sign the petition and get the little rat a name). Just a quick question, is it okay to post comments/thoughts on older episodes?

    To this episode: What always makes me rip my hair off while watching this episode is Anhora, waiting for Merlin in the labyrinth while holding a sword. FOR NO REASON. He just points with it at Merlin and uses a spell. Why a sword? Why not attacking Merlin with it properly? It could have magically knocked Merlin out or something like this. Anything would have been better than this. I don’t understand it haha.

    Also, I think it’s absolutely worth pointing out, that Merlin reacts disapproving of Arthur proudly killing the unicorn. The same way Gaius disapproves Uther’s joy about the horn as a gift. I mean, it’s absolutely hilarious that the relationship between Uther and Gaius seems to be the same like Merlin’s and Arthur’s.

    And before I forget it, I will never not think of Merlin tying a favour to Arthur’s arm, even though I say Momo is right, and it’s just a belt. Thank you for this lovely idea, Rox! Same goes for the idea that Merlin becomes Arthur’s final test. Wow!

    Keep up the great work <3

  2. I also loved Arthur’s wardrobe this episode. 😀

    LOL. Merlin is pure! As in untouched. Since this episode has a mythological feel to it, in a lot of ancient stories, the person touching the unicorn is untouched. Also, sometimes someone who is magical would need to remain pure in body and spirit to channel their magic so I really thought that this episode was telling me that Merlin was a virgin at this point in the episode. And since the unicorn moved away from him and didn’t approach Merlin at the end, obviously Merlin was no longer untouched. Maybe on the beach after Arthur woke up?

    As for Colin being thin (which he was), I think that Colin was filming the Island film over the hiatus. I am not sure that he was filming Parked by then. Colin was much much thinner in the beginning of season 2.

    The bed moving – I wouldn’t put it past Arthur to make Merlin move the bed every couple of days just because it would annoy the hell out of Merlin.

    I love Arthur’s thriller jacket. It is soooo not historical but it’s pretty. Momo is so funny that she keeps track of the outfits. 😀

    Had to smile about watching and realizing where they are going in the actual castle vs what’s on film. Filming is actually amazing in how they put things together.

    Rat stew. I think they wanted to have some fun with something that was an otherwise pretty angsty episode. In the stew, it has to be vegetarian since Colin eats some of it. There was mushrooms in it. I wasn’t sure if they added tofu for Colin. It sounded pretty gross although it looked good on camera.

    The Evan fighting scene – I’m not sure it has to do with the insults or his father initially. This man has tricked Arthur into giving him food when people were starving and Arthur is at fault for falling for it. Then he started insulting Arthur for being a fool and how easily he was tricked which was really making Arthur upset, and it’s only when Evan brings Uther into it and how Uther must think he a fool, too, that Arthur really loses it. And once Evan sees that he’s pushing Arthur’s buttons, he goes for the kill.

    I agreed with Uther in the scene with the food and asking another kingdom for help. It would have led to war.

    Never take out the rat stew scene. I love that darn scene!!!!

    The labyrinth is really tiny. The camera shots make it seem larger. You should go visit it! And visit Puzzlewood, too. 😀

    As for the ‘so keen to die for me’ line – in the Poison Chalice, Merlin drunk the poison for Arthur but also he was required to do so and really had no choice with Uther ordering him to (and let’s face it. If Merlin had refused, Uther would have grabbed him and poured it down his throat anyway). Whereas in this episode, it was entirely Merlin’s choice to die for Arthur. So it didn’t feel out of place for me.
    I do like what Colin did in this scene. Merlin looks shell-shocked, like he couldn’t believe it but later in the series, he’s been through so many things that he’s allowing himself to go full anguish mode. I can see, though, why you’d both feel that it was flat.

    You never did talk about that giant green gourd? cucumber? Gaius was carrying at the end. I found it hilarious.

    One of my favorite episodes of all of Merlin. Epic and mythical and Merthury.

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