Episode 30: Ship: Gwaine/Merlin

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowFox and momo talk about Gwaine/Merlin, aka Merwaine. We look at how their ship was developed on the show and what fandom’s made of them.

The episode runs just a couple of minutes under 2h and features a lot of momo showing best intentions to get more into this ship, and Rox trying desperately to combine it with Merthur or else her heart will break.

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thekingschambers-group on tumblr
Merlin kink meme
Merthurdaily’s anniversary fest
Resurrection – A Merlin (F)anthology


Archaeologist_D’s comment on Episode 16
Merlisten discord
Amphigoury’s comments via discord private message, published with permission
Amphigoury’s comments via discord private message, published with permission
Amphigoury’s comments via discord private message, published with permission
Amphigoury’s comments on discord
MissSnowFox’ YouTube channel
Merlin Tournament of Champions
Episode 25: Gwaine & Leon character analysis


[as of October 2018, Archiveofourown.org]

Disclaimer: The works listed below (especially the ones in the Top 3 categories) are Merwaine works by the best estimation of momo, who compiled the stats. Momo checked the summaries, tags, and author’s notes to determine if these fics looked like they actually focused on Merwaine as a pairing, or at least gave the pairing a central role, rather than treat them as background decoration. If any of the listed fics aren’t Merwaine works by the estimate of a Merwaine shipper, we apologise for the error.

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Mentioned Fanworks/Recs

Accidental Memory in Case of Death by derryere
Knights of the Air, by riventhorn
Intended, by new_kate, podficced by lunchee
The Curious Incident of the Harpies in Broad Daylight, by kaydeefalls, podfic by lunchee [the fic where Lancelot and Gwaine meet while fighting monsters during their banishment from Camelot]
The Sex Shop Around the Corner, by hermette, podfic by meri*
Every Story is a Love Story, by lady_ragnell, podfic by carefultread
“But he told you who Gwaine’s in love with?”, gif set by colinmorgasms
alternate version of “But he told you who Gwaine’s in love with?”, by colinmorgasms
The Student Prince, by FayJay, podfic by FayJay
Leon Knightley, series by Clea2011 [Leon/Gwaine], podfic by Vodka112

*Only podfic still available, link leads to podfic post.

half-naked Merwaine kisses by whothebuckdraws

Merlin & Gwaine | Rubik’s cube, edited by lovelydreams2x
Gwaine giving Merlin flowers, art by beansterpie
Merlin reveals his magic to Gwaine mini-comic by whothebuckdraws

(Safe) Words, series by leashy_bebes, podfic by leashy_bebes
Five times Merlin Performs Magic in Front of Gwaine, by bewarethesmirk, podfic by Sophinisba
Waking up with you hiding in my bones, by growlery, podfic by fire_juggler
Ever More and More, by matchsticks_p, podfic by Sophinisba

[Merlin/Gwaine] I wanna do bad things with you, edited by TheStrangelf
Merlin/Gwaine | Dropped, edited by TheSnowWhiteQueen21
Merlin/Gwaine – Ho Hey, edited by itriedtofindthesound [momo forgot to mention this one during the podcast but definitely meant to rec it!!!]

whothebuckdraws, artist on tumblr

One thought on “Episode 30: Ship: Gwaine/Merlin

  1. I have the same experience as momo about getting into other pairings only after a certain time in a fandom. Except I tend to go for polyamory after that period passed, not for other pairings. Still don’t like Merlin or Arthur with other people, but I love Merlin/Arthur/Mordred now or even big pile of Merlin/Arthur/knights. 😀

    I’ve always seen Gwaine more as a Jack Harkness of the show, not really just a womanizer but bi/pansexual. So apart from his few interactions with women, I count also his chemistry with Arthur and the knights. And Merlin of course.

    When you talk about fandom picturing Gwaine as someone who doesn’t settle, I don’t think it’s completely true. Or at least in most works that I remember (merthur works where he was as a side character or in side pairing), he might be described as a huge flirt who has one night stands and stuff like that, but once he meets “the one” (Percival, Elena,…) he drops all that and becomes the sweetest boyfriend ever in most cases.

    Arthur assuming that Gwaine is fucking/dating Merlin is a part of the bigger trope because the same thing often happens with Will and sometimes Gwen. It’s just a way to make the merthur pining more intense. xD

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