Episode 31: Fanfiction “Canon Fics”

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowFox, momo and their two guests talk about Canon Fics. We try to categorise canon fics into sub genres, and of course we mention quite a lot of fics.

The episode runs just a couple of minutes under 2h 30min and features momo and Rox heavily disagreeing on classification, and three people who’re super into canon fics trying to explain to momo why canon fic is so awesome.

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Mentioned Fanworks

Archaeologist_D on AO3
ueberdemnebelmeer on tumblr
Maeglian’s tumblr comment on Episode 23
Allofuswithwings’ comment on Episode 20
Podcast Republic
lao-pendragon on tumblr
maryluis on tumblr
Merlin podfics that are no longer available to read

Recs & Mentioned Fanworks

The Sex Shop Around the Corner, by hermette, podfic by Meri
Arcane Asylum, by Sophinisba, podfic by Sophinisba
The Sidhe Prince, by anon
Love’s First Kiss, by misssnowfox
Quickening Days, by fahye, podfic by Euphoric Aria
Test of Honor, by Rawks
Three Tasks, by syllic, podfic by Pennyplainknits
Favorite, by astolat, podfic by FleurRochard
Those Deep Places, by svilleficrecs, podfic by Rhea314
Rheged, by McShame
Inkling, by momotastic, with art by lao-pendragon
Falconry, by versaphile
Stars Above, Stones Below, by Destina
The Frog Prince, by Clea2011
The One Where Uther Had a Cow, by Solarcat
destiny (the soggy part), by magog_83, podfic by lunchee (The one where one of them is a whale)
lao-pendragon’s fanart of Arthur giving Merlin his neckerchief
Gadarene, by unpossible, Podfic by Birdie7272
A Prophecy of Dragons, by Skitz_phenom
The Hunt, by novemberlite, podfic by Erica_Schall
Leashed, by Riventhorn, podfic by lunchee
Conversations with a Sorceress, by archaeologist_D
Diplomatic Immunity, by archaeologist_D
A Song From Far Away, by Polomonkey, with art by mushroomtale
Dividing Our Grief, by Jadesfire, pofic by Jadesfire
How to Love a Living Thing, by Polomonkey
In Want of a Wife, by syllic
Practice Makes Perfect, by platonic_boner
Into the Light, by camelittle
The Route to Advancement, by magog_83
Fidelity, by schweet_heart
Lists of Love, by arthur_pendragon
Hidden Light, by Destina
The Are No Gays in Football, by Malu_3
Touch My Skin to Keep Me Whole, by Skitz_phenom
Laundry’s Hard Work, by supercalvin
Fathom Me Out, by supercalvin
Merlin’s Scars Diagram
Smoke and Mirrors, by Footloose
Fools Of Us All, by adelagia, podfic by fayjay
Truth is a Whisper, by seperis, podfic by crinklysolution
Privileges of Rank, by seperis

Markie’s additional recs that weren’t mentioned during the episode

The Storyteller, by Camelittle
No Place Like Home, by Clea2011
Archur Enchanted, by platonic_boner
Hugs Are For Losers, by platonic_boner
turn the white snow red, by schweet_heart
The Washerwoman, by schweet_heart
The Ivy Crown, by dayari
This Is What Going Mad Feels Like, by lindsey_grissom
Shelter, by sinestrated
four seasons, five years, and too many farewells, by tonberry
Broken, by lawgoddess
Somebody to Lean On, by samyazaz
King, Prince and Priestess, by DiamondAbyss
Strength is more than swords, by Feathersmeanfreedom
Dying to Return, by StormDancer
Different perceptions, by gonrie
Doubt Creeps In And Chills The Air, by junkshopdisco
Sweet Dreams of Mistletoe, by katherynefromphilly


supercalvin on AO3
supercalvin on tumblr


Dower the Stars, by RurouniHime
Clouds on the Horizon, by Diana_Prallon
Darkest Before Dawn, by RocknVaughn

Behind Every Great Man, by emeraldarrows
A Sultry Afternoon, by rotrude
An Unnecessary Freezing of Water, by shinetheway, podfic by crinklysolution
Spring Campaign, by schwee_theart

Past Imperfect, by thehoyden, podfic by mothlights | podfic by kalakirya & jelazakazone

<Treaty Negotiations, by marguertie_26, podfic by erica_schall
With This Ring, by marguerite_26, podfic by handsomeviolets
Three Castles, by rageprufrock, podfic by EosRose | podfic by dodificus | podfic by paraka
The Trouble With Courting, by Thursday_Next, podfic by calliglad
Courting Trouble (The High Theater Remix), by fleete
Such Fractured Shadows, by i_claudia

4 thoughts on “Episode 31: Fanfiction “Canon Fics”

  1. I don’t agree with Rox about the length of canon compliant fics . These kind of fics can be be long ones, not just slices of life or missing scenes. For example, The Other Side of The Coin by amy_lupin is 129 604 words long. It follows all the main plots of the show from “The labyrinth of Gedref” to the final episode, but its main interest is how Arthur evolves from being a selfish person in his love life to a considerate lover thanks to Merlin and Gwen. There is plenty Arwen and Merthur as Arthur goes from his wife’s bed to his lover’s arms.

  2. Almost everything I recced for the Early fics would fit here, mostly for the canon AU category, but here are some more:

    “Too Long In the Sun” by Dru – https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5934092/1/Too-Long-In-The-Sun
    A delicious piece of merthur hurt/comfort.
    Summary: During a heat wave in Camelot, Merlin learns the definition of “cruel and unusual punishment”.

    “Finding Home” by riventhorn – https://archiveofourown.org/works/167156
    More merthur hurt/comfort.
    Summary: When Gaius retires a new physician takes over and quickly kicks Merlin out of his room and takes it for himself. Arthur finds Merlin sleeping in the stables…and it’s winter.

    “Undisclosed Desires” by Amber – https://archiveofourown.org/works/116305
    This one is deliciously kinky merthur. (Mind the tags!)
    Summary: Nearly drowning at the gates of Avalon has left Arthur with a half-formed need for something he doesn’t properly remember, and his quest to satisfy that feeling has him “accidentally” falling into the nearest body of water. Together he and Merlin learn to trust each other, awkwardly figuring out each other’s kinks along the way.

    “Missing” by JessicaMDawn -https://archiveofourown.org/works/656494/chapters/1196384
    Merlin whump and feels.
    Summary: When Arthur is fatally wounded, Merlin makes a deal with a powerful sorceress: Arthur’s life in exchange for everyone’s memories of Merlin.

    “Keep Your Secrets” by new_kate, wangler – https://archiveofourown.org/works/167295
    Canon AU with hurt/comfort. Warning for off-screen noncon (not merthur).
    Summary: Arthur Pendragon is captured by the bandits. While he waits to be ransomed, he slowly gets to know Merlin, the prisoner being held in the next cell.

    “Claustrophobic” by et_cetera55 – https://archiveofourown.org/works/350667/chapters/570764
    Both physical and emotional merthur hurt/comfort.
    Summary: Merlin has been captured by someone/something and confined in a small space. When Arthur gets him back, he cannot let Merlin out of his sight and keeps Merlin in his room doing tons of chores or keeps Merlin very close by at all times. Merlin feels like he is being contained, much like his captors did, and needs to get away.

    I could add many more, but let’s stop here. xD

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