Episode 32: Character Study Elyan + Percival

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowFox, momo and their guest talk about Elyan and Percival. We uncover their legendary roots and then take a look at the boys on the show as well as in fandom.

The episode runs for roughly 2h 15m and features many gripes about continuity and missing characterisation.

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AO3 stats as of 12 Nov 2018

  • Elyan
    • 1,788 works tagged with “Elyan (Merlin)”
  • Percival
    • 2,661 works tagged with “Percival (Merlin)”

Top 5 pairings for Elyan:

  • Elyan/Percival (48)
  • Elyan/Merlin (41)
  • Elyan/Gwaine (16)
  • Elyan/Arthur (15)
  • Elyan/Vivian (13)

Top 5 pairings for Percival:

  • Gwaine/Percival (576)
  • Merlin/Percival (148)
  • Arthur/Percival (65)
  • Leon/Percival (52)
  • Elyan/Percival (48)

Recs & Mentioned Fanworks

Arthur’s and Percival’s first meeting

Knights & Merlin (+Gwen), by tymedfire

The Pact by samyazaz
Remix: The Roomate (A Gentleman’s Arrangement Remix) by Isabear
Glitter and Gloss by fuzzytomato
Nasturtium by momotastic
All my Sons by Polomonkey

Merlin + Elyan art by calamity-annie
Merlin + Percival art by calamity-annie
Elyan/Percival art by various artists

Breath of Life | edited by BlacksGodDaughter [on tumblr]
Percival’s Lament | edited by parvasilvi
Echo (Elyan) | edited by Federica Lentiggini Freckles
Elyan/Sefa | edited by irydionlover.
Knights | edited by TwoSidesStudios
Percival/Elena | edited by lottegrimm


Merlisten theme music composed by side_steppings
News music by Mansardian on freesound.org

3 thoughts on “Episode 32: Character Study Elyan + Percival

  1. I think that Elyan isn’t used much in fandom works because he’s a terribly bland character on the show. At least for me. I just can’t really think of much when I think of him. Not that Percival has it any better. Usually I just think something along the lines “big arms, probably cuddly, Gwaine’s boyfriend” while for Elyan it’s something like “Gwen’s brother, appears from nowhere, gets stupidly killed off”. I wouldn’t really ship Percival with anyone if Gwaine wasn’t there.

    And I can’t speak for other fanfic writers, but I tend to use only the characters that are important for the story and the rest simply isn’t used at all or only mentioned in passing, making a little appearance maybe. And in this way both Percival and Elyan (and many others) tend to just not really have space in my works. So maybe others have it similar?

    Also, Percival has more fanon presence thanks to being paired with Gwaine a lot, so it affects future works too. Because lets be honest, fanfic writers draw from fanon just as much as from canon, sometimes even more. And it’s just easier to go with someone who has some fanon presence.

    And I wouldn’t put too much faith into the statistics of characters appearing in fics because not everyone uses that. I usually don’t, especially not when their role is minor because I feel like it’s false advertising. I tend to not mention background side pairings for the same reason.

  2. Hi! This is the first episode I’ve listened to (so far, and I’m totally checking the previous ones out asap), and I totally love everything about this podcast! (I was brought here by The Rising Sun discord)

    I love the back and forth within this fandom, and this podcast specifically, and I’m really glad there’s an analysis on the characters and the Merlin fandom and Arthurian Legends.

    I’ve always blanked on Elyan and Percival’s characterization, as there didn’t seem to be…any…in the show. I like the idea of expanding on what we have of them, and I also look forward to merlistening to more of this podcast! <3

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