Episode 26: Ship: Gwen/Lancelot

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowFox and momo talk abotut Gwen/Lancelot, aka Gwencelot, or – according to Rox’ preference, Lanwen. We look at how their ship was developed on the show and what fandom’s made of them.

The episode runs just a couple of minutes over 2h and features a lot of Roxanne gushing about her OTP while momo is decidedly not convinced.

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[as of 28 Jul 2018, Archiveofourown.org]

Disclaimer: The works listed below (especially the ones in the Top 3 categories) are Gwencelot works by the best estimation of momo, who compiled the stats. Momo checked the summaries, tags, and author’s notes to determine if these fics looked like they actually focused on Gwencelot as a pairing, or at least gave the pairing a central role, rather than treat them as background decoration. If any of the listed fics aren’t Gwencelot works by the estimate of a Gwencelot shipper, we apologise for the error.

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Mentioned Fanworks/Recs

For Your Information by reni_days, Podfic by ceebee
How to Win a Merthur: A Case Study in Nine Parts, by anamuan, part of the Coffeeshop Muffins verse by skellerbvvt
Podfic of “How to Win a Merthur”, read by momo
Podfic of “Coffeeshop Muffins”, read by momo*
The Good Times are Killing Me by minor_hue, podfic by MissSnowFox

*other versions exist but they’re no longer downloadable.

VJW as Lancelot, proposing to Gwen
Love’s First Kiss by MissSnowFox
till the day I die, edited by MagicalUnicorn22 [Rox’ sad headcanon vid]
say something, edited by MagicalUnicorn22 [Rox’ quotes vid]

Did Someone Send for the Fire Brigade?, by themadlurker ; podfic by sophinisba
For You My Liege, the World, by Angelike ; podfic by EosRose

Rox’ Gwencelot playlist on YouTube
[She will be loved], edited by Merlinisnotaburglar
{Play with hearts ♥ }, edited by 0o0Vanilla0o0
my kind of perfect, edited by ilikeyou31x
one step closer, edited by Rita
A Way To You Again, edited by TeamHodgins

The Student Prince, by FayJay ; podfic by FayJay
Pairing Pendragon/Merlin, by Anon ; Podfic by Lunchee
Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock ; podfic by Lunchee or RevolutionaryJo
Bank Holiday | Wedding by rageprufrock ; podfic by Lunchee or RevolutionaryJo</a – part of the DRP verse, and the fic that Rox mentioned about Lance and Gwen arguing about getting married.
The Pendragon Guide On How Not To Date by definewisdom ; podfic by Lunchee
Two Weeks Notice by ras_elased ; podfic by jennacorinth
Easy There by syllic ; podfic by RevolutionaryJo
Solstice by Heatherlly
The Once and Future Queen by Thursday_Next
Five Times Lance Saw Gwen by shadowfrazia
Tall Vanilla Latte by Styx_in_the_mud

Gwencelot fanart by fossegrim
Rox’ Gwencelot fanart tag on tumblr

100 reasons to ship Lancelot/Gwen

4 thoughts on “Episode 26: Ship: Gwen/Lancelot

  1. Hey Momo and Rox!

    I’ve always liked the idea of Gwen and Lancelot as a couple but since they have such little screen time I never really shipped them (that and cause my OTP for the series is Arwen). But this episode has given me a whole new love and appreciation for them! I think what especially sold me on them is when Rox was talking about them as being such incredible forces for good – and I just can’t explain how much I adore that! I absolutely love characters and ships like that, and Gwen x Lancelot fit the trope so well. Even just thinking of a modern au of them being super kind and good and being domestic just fills me with fluff and warmth aha.

    Thanks for introducing me to a new ship! Look forward to the next episode x.

  2. I would very much disagree with Momo – their chemistry is off the charts. In Lancelot, Gwen clutches Merlin’s outfit when Lance is fighting Arthur in a clear worry about Lance. She’s watching him closely the whole time. Plus when Merlin asks Gwen to choose between between Lance and Arthur, she gets all flustered. If she wasn’t interested, she’d have just rolled her eyes. And when Lance rides away, she’s looking at him as if she is so unhappy that he’s leaving. I very much see a crush in this episode – and after the Poisoned chalice, I don’t really remember Gwen crushing on Merlin any more. It was almost as if she knew her Merlin crush wasn’t going anywhere in Lancelot (Merlin ignoring her in the banquet scene) and she lets her growing crush for Lance take over.
    In Lance and Guenevere, Lance leaves because he feels he’s being noble and unworthy of Gwen’s affection. I can certainly see it, that he’s sacrificing his happiness for Gwen’s. I do agree that he should have told Gwen and let her make the decision but it makes sense, in a way.
    In Lancelot du Lac, I did wish Gwen wasn’t enchanted and that she really was confused about whether to stay with Arthur or go with Lance.
    Yes, they were in the castle for a year, but if you watch Lance any time he’s in a scene with the knights and Gwen is around, he keeps looking at Gwen and then away. And Gwen is not looking at Lance and it seems deliberate.
    I definitely ship G/L, second only to Merlin/Arthur.

    Random thoughts –
    Gwen doesn’t babble with Elyan or her dad. I do love her babbling in season 1.
    I really disliked Gwen during the Dorocha episode when she guilt-trips Lance into sacrifice. That wasn’t nice and almost abusive, imo.
    Lance and Gwen are usually perfect for each other with similar interests and outlooks in fic.

    Favorite scenes – her measuring Lance for his outfit. The wilderen scene when he tells her to live for him (and we got to see that filming location!).

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