Episode 25: Character Study: Gwaine + Leon

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowFox and momo, along with two guests, take a closer look at Gwaine and Leon, and how they’ve been characterised on the show and in fandom. The legendary Gawain is introduced, and of course we also take a look at fanworks about these two.

The episode clocks in at 1h 55min and promises to be a lot of fun!

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AO3 stats on 07 Aug 2018:

  • Leon
    • 3,234 works tagged with “Leon (Merlin)” → 1,160 without Merthur
  • Gwaine
    • 5,876 works tagged with “Gwaine (Merlin)” → 2,278 without Merthur

Top 5 pairings for Leon:

  • Leon/Morgana (413)
  • Gwaine/Leon (141)
  • Gwen/Leon (94)
  • Leon/Mithian (81)
  • Leon/Arthur (72)

Top 5 pairings for Gwaine:

  • Gwaine/Merlin (890)
  • Gwaine/Percival (568)
  • Elena/Gwaine (163)
  • Gwaine/Arthur (158)
  • Gwaine/Morgana (153)

Recs & Mentioned Fanworks

Le dernier souffle de Kilgharrah by Saturne
Intended by new_kate, podfic by Lunchee
Rusty Spoons (And What to Do with Them) by comeseetheuniverse
Saturne’s comic about the Useless Guards of Camelot (TM)
Into His Own by sarcasticchik, Podfic by regonym
(spell)bound by momotastic [momo’s Gwaine/Lancelot fic]
The Good Times are Killing Me by minor_hue, podfic by MissSnowFox
All Things New Again by SPowell, Art by texasfandoodler [the one with Leon/Morgana in the background living in the US]
Podfic of “The Sex Shop Around the Corner” by hermette, read by Meri
Now I Will Unsettle the Ground Beneath You by nu_breed, podfic by fluffyllama [the one momo thought was called “Paint the world orange and blue”]
Intended by new_kate, podfic by lunchee
Catch me a Catch by giselleslash, podfic by striped_bowties
All I Want for Christmas (Is You) by dreamdustmama, podfic by striped_bowties
The One With Elena and Gwaine’s Wedding Plans by giselleslash,podfic by ceebee [which is also the one where Merlin gropes Morgana on the bathroom floor while she’s pregnant with Leon’s baby.]

Lao-Pendragon’s “Sir Leon” tag on tumblr, including her own fanworks
Whimsycatcher’s “Sir Leon” tag on tumblr
merwaineforever, Tor’s Merwaine blog on tumblr
Grumpycakes’ Merlin fanart tag
To Court a King’s Manservant by KimliPan
Mine (or, Five Times Gwaine Came In Second Place to the Bloody Prince of Camelot and One Time He Didn’t by somerdaye
Fractionallycamelot’s Gwaine/Leon tag on tumblr
Leon Knightley Series by Clea, podfic by Vodka112
Christmas Holidays (Aren’t What They Used to Be), by momotastic
Road of Ruins, by momotastic
RoR timestamp: No One Hates Me Like I Do, by momotastic
Hold Me, Love Me, by momotastic
Honourable Intentions, by smilebackwards, podfic by lunchee,
Substitue, by winterstorrm, podfic by MissSnowFox,
Sir Leon & Sir Gwaine – Whip it, edited by Mp26pro
Everybody loves Gwa…no sorry Sir Gwaine =], edited by xsillymarelilyx
Merlin/Gwaine (& Arthur) Can you hear my call?, edited by ilikeyou31x
Merlin&Gwaine; Maybe I’m in love, edited by MagicalUnicorn22
Merlin&Gwaine; Strength and Magic, edited by MagicalUnicorn22

5 thoughts on “Episode 25: Character Study: Gwaine + Leon

  1. Although, Gwaine does keep his nobility a secret, so if he knew that it would cost Merlin his life I feel he could keep the magic secret

  2. About Leon’s possible family member, if he were a family member, he could have been representing the family at court, and when he died, Leon was sent to court in his stead. That would be nice fanon explanation of why Leon wasn’t in season 1.

    I think Gwaine would be able to keep Merlin’s secret. In a way Gwaine and Merlin have one thing in common. They use acting like fools as deflection from what is actually happening in their head. After all, he never told Arthur that he’s actually of noble birth. Of course, Gwaine is more goofy and carefree in general, but he also has less stuff weighing him down. But he would most definitely not break Merlin’s trust by telling about his magic.

    He would probably nag at Merlin to tell Arthur and insisted Merlin took him with him when he’d be about to tell Arthur so that he could protect him just in case Arthur’s temper got the better of him. And if Merlin got banished, he’d totally throw the knight’s cape at Arthur’s head and left with Merlin.

  3. Arthur acting better towards Merlin in season 5 might not be Gwaine’s influence. Or at least not just his influence. I think Gwen might be playing a big role in that. Plus they’re all older. Arthur is around 30 and people often change around that time. The wild stupidity of youth is usually fading and the steady calm security of true adulthood settles in.

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