Episode 20: Fandom: Conventions

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, momo and MissSnowFox are joined by Archaeologist_D & narlth to talk about Merlin conventions and fan events past, present, and future.

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Fandom Gift Box Exchange
Merlin Canon Fest
Camelot Remix
After Camlann Big Bang
COiNELOT 8 week ticket reminder
Celtic Reminders Convention CANCELLED


Saturne’s comment on Episode 17
Archaeologist_D on tumblr
Archaeologist_D on Dreamwidth
narlth on tumblr
Soundbite provided by Vicky
COiNELOT 2016 Recap on Merlisten

San Diego Comic Con
Warwick Castle
Pierrefonds Castle
Mini Merlin
Unofficial Pierrefonds meet-up, Sept 21-23
COiNELOT – the Merthur convention, Sept 28-30 in Canterbury
10 Year Merlin Convention, Sept 8 in London

MCM Comic Con Website
MCM Comic Con Twitter
MCM London Comic Con on Facebook [other locations like Birmingham, etc. have their on FB page, ask Google about them]

Showmasters Website
Showmasters Twitter
Showmasters Facebook

3 thoughts on “Episode 20: Fandom: Conventions

  1. Just catching up on the podcasts so this is a super late comment, but anyway.

    On the craziness of conventions – I am actually glad that I live in Australia. Yes, it sucks because actors don’t often visit because we’re so far away, but when they do come it’s really nice because it’s *not* super busy. I’ve been able to get good seats in panels for people like Nathan Fillion, Patrick Stewart, and William Shatner, without having to line up for silly amounts of time ie pretty much only waiting during the panel beforehand (they do the clear-out after each panel here too like Arch D talked about). I personally prefer that trade-off – just having a few stars visit our conventions across the country during the year, and them not be busy because we have such a comparatively low population.

    I’ve had friends say to me “Oh, I bet you’d love to go to San Diego Comic Con!” and I’m just like no. That sounds like my worst nightmare. Having to wait around for hours and hours with thousands of other people, just for a chance to glimpse my fave actors and probably miss out on heaps of things?? No thank you. Way too stressful.

    That said, it does make me a bit complacent because I’m reluctant to travel to a con for just “minor” actors. I live a three hour drive from Sydney, my closest convention city, and have to decide whether its worth the cost of the coach, hotel, etc and travel time. I am forever kicking myself because I did this a few years ago when Bradley James and the knights visited Sydney Supanova and I didn’t go. I had a lot other stuff and travel on around that time, and not much money, and couldn’t justify going when they had only announced Bradley at the start. They added more and more of the knights and I kept telling myself I *really* should go. But I didn’t. And I regret it to this day!

  2. Honestly, if I saw gifs of the finale before I started watching Merlin, I would probably never start watching the show. I’m glad I watched as it aired.

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