Episode 40: Character Study Minor Characters Season 1

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowFox & momo take a closer look at the minor characters of Season 1.

The episode runs a little over 2h and features a discussion on the merit of single parents, as well as a newfound love for Will.

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AO3 stats as of 13 Mar 2019

  • Hunith
    • 1,532 works tagged with “Hunith (Merlin)”
    • 472 without Merthur-works
  • Tom
    • 73 works tagged with “Tom (Merlin)”
    • 30 of them are Arwen-works
  • Will
    • 843 works tagged with “Will (Merlin)
    • 178 without Merthur-works
  • Anhora
    • 38 works tagged with “Anhora (Merlin)”
  • Lady Helen
    • 25 works tagged with “Lady Helen of Mora”

Hunith Pairings:

  • Several Relationship tags
  • A selection:
    • Hunith/Balinor (187 works, 92 without the Merthur-works)
    • Hunith/Uther (14 works)
    • Hunith/Will (3 works)
    • Hunith/Kilgharrah (3 works)
    • Gwaine/Hunith (2 works)
    • Hunith/Lancelot + Hunith/Leon ( 1 work each)

Tom Pairings:

  • Only 2 romantic relationship tags
    • Hunith/Tom (3 works)
    • Tom/OFC (3 works)

Will Pairings:

  • Several Rekationships
  • A selection:
    • Merlin/Will (121 works ; 31 without the Merthur-works)
    • Freya/Will (45 works)
    • Morgana/Will (5 works)
    • Gwaine/Will (3 works)

Anhora Pairings:

  • 1 Relationship tag
    • Anhora/Arthur (1 work)

Lady Helen Pairings:

  • 1 Relationship tag
    • Helen/Uther (1 work)

Recs & Mentioned Fanworks

The Student Prince by FayJay, Podfic by FayJay
A Modern Manservant by Mamalazzer
Defenders of the Realm by lamardeuse, Podfic by FayJay
Standing Right in Front of You, by momotastic
All Things New Again by SPowell

8x12x8 by skellerbvvt, Podfic by handsomeviolets
The Sex Shop Around the Corner by hermette, Podfic by meri
Reynardine, by Fr333bird
Right Here, Right Now, by Wreck

Not in This Land Alone by torakowalski, Podfic by Crinklysolution
Visiting Hunith by RurouniHime, Podfic by Ceebee
Seven Magpies by syllic, Podfic by Lunchee
Arthur + Hunith art by deheerkonijn

Anthem of the Angels, edited by OViolentDarkKnightO
You’ll be in my Heart [Parental Relationships collab video] – unfortunately the video was blocked by YouTube.


Merlisten theme music composed by side_steppings
News music by Mansardian on freesound.org
Manip for the cover by brolinskeep, Cover by momo

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2 thoughts on “Episode 40: Character Study Minor Characters Season 1

  1. No need to comment!
    I also read Will as a jealous ex. 🙂 I would LOVE Will and Gwaine being best buds or even love interests.

  2. I don’t know why I never thought about it but now that you mentioned Will coming to Camelot with Merlin, I really need a fic where Will becomes a knight of Camelot (after not dying in Moment of Truth). And jealousy, ships (moresomes optional), and stuff happen.

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