Episode 12: Ship: Gwen/Arthur [Part 1]

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowfox and Momo are joined by two guests, and an interviewee to talk about the next ship in this fandom, Gwen/Arthur, aka Arwen.

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Find the stream or download options for this episode below the cut. It’s a long one again, which is why this was cut into two parts – again. 🙂

We’re posting part 1 (a look at canon!Arwen) today, and part 2 (fanon!Arwen) next Sunday. Nevertheless, this episode runs at roughly 1h 45min. We apologise for that length but we really didn’t want to split it into three parts :/.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 12: Ship: Gwen/Arthur [Part 1]

  1. That’s wrong Arthur deserves it especially with the way he treats Merlin every episode of every season Arthur is such a douche but Merlin doesn’t do it in a mean way it’s just used for comedy where Arthur does it in such a bad place and uses his power against Merlin.

    1. Hi! Could you jog our memory and tell us, what part of the podcast this is in response to? We don’t remember everything we said in every episode, so it would be cool if you could tell us what we said that this is in response to.


  2. I think that the writers wanted Gwen to be blameless in the “cheating” while creating the conflict that would make her banished. It is not nice thing to do to the characters, but when you take into account that it’s still marketed as kids show, they might have wanted the audience to know that Gwen and Arthur were faithful to each other at all times even when the characters themselves didn’t know it.

    But I would definitely love it if somehow the bracelet would have been discovered, even if it happened a bit later to give Arthur some time to angst over her betrayal. Because they could have just made Merlin stumble over it during one of his numerous trips around dungeons. xD

    As for their first kiss, the shot was gorgeous and romantic and I thought the inner romantic in me would give at least a little “awww” even when I don’t ship it, but no “awww” happened. It just didn’t work for me at all. And Arthur’s expression right after that kiss… I can clearly imagine him thinking something like, “well, that was very anticlimactic”. 😀

  3. Before I start, I admit I’m a Merthur shipper and not a person who likes Gwen, so I can be classified as bias but I still wanted to comment on a few things without thinking about my feelings for Gwen, Lancelot, and Arthur. I thought the episode of Gwen cheating was done perfectly. Hell, I despise Gwen with every fiber of my being yet even I cried and was hurt by what happened to her. The fact that the script could make me feel something so deep was crazy.

    I agree that Elyan or maybe Merlin should have helped with the Gwen carrying the cart or maybe Elyan should have stepped up for her, but I think people believing Gwen actually cheated isn’t so far off. We all know the saying about your first love being special and that was what Lancelot was Gwen. Merlin literally watched them fall in love since the moment they met each other. Arthur saw their chemistry too and as it’s been established if Lancelot didn’t make the decision then Gwen would have chosen Lancelot. Everyone knows that.

    Now think about this senerio in context. It’s the day before your wedding with technically your second choice. You may be a bit nervous and may have some doubts because some people do go through that. Then add Gwen’s situation with the fact that people are gonna hate a SERVANT taking the throne. Gwen had decided to continue living in her old home because she knew that’s she gonna miss her old life and knew that things are gonna change dramatically. Then also add that your FIRST choice, who DIED, suddenly came back from the dead when your going through a swirl of emotions. Do you see how Gwen cheating doesn’t sound far off? If I was Gwen’s friend even I would have doubts until someone told me about the bracelet.

    This to me shows that Arthur wasn’t being dramatic. He honestly played it off perfectly. People are gonna call him an idiot and a fool for marrying a servant. People warned him (ex. Aggravaine), but Arthur still stuck with Gwen. Do you know how stupid Arthur must look in the eyes of everyone since all his hope and positive talk about Gwen was literally put in the garbage? And it’s not like she cheated with some other noble man. It was ANOTHER PREASANT. That’s a complete disgrace. Plus banishment should be the least of our worries. In those times, if a woman has an affair with another man, the woman would be executed.

    Quote by Arthur: “Do you know what they’re saying? That in my father’s day you’d be put to death.”

    Gwen should have been EXECUTED, but Arthur of course wouldn’t allow that. Instead he banished her. I bet people were still talking shit for not having her killed. If Arthur took her back just like that, then people would not have respect for both the king and queen. If Arthur had just let her stay in the Camalot, she would be so bashed. I doubt she’d find work, especially if no one respects or trusts you. If were her, I would leave. Arthur handled that perfectly and none of it was out of character. He only lost control once and, again, by the point of history they were in, technically you would’ve expected him to even hit her for it. Instead he was still respectful, asked her questions, told her the facts of the situation, and dealt with everything. What would you do if your fiance cheated on you the day before your wedding? I’ve heard stories of killings, tire slashing, etc.

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