Episode 48: Review 2×04: Lancelot and Guinevere

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowfox and Momo are joined by Altocello and Amphigoury to review episode four of series 2: “Lancelot and Guinevere.” The episode is a little over two and a half hours long. It features Rox’ gushing about Lancelot and Guinevere, Altocello’s insights on music, Amphigoury’s insights on cinematography, and a lot of silence from momo.

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ACBB author/artist matchups
Merlin Forever – the Merlin rewatch


  • First aired 10 Oct 2009
  • 2 female character (with lines)
    • 2 main cast (Gwen, Morgana)
  • 7 male characters (with lines)
    • 4 main cast (Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Uther)
    • 3 supporting cast (Lancelot, Kendrick, Hengist)
  • Enemy/Monster of the week: Hengist, Kendrick, Wilddeoren
  • No one in the main cast kills anyone, but Aglain dies



  • giant rats
  • incredible sense of smell
  • carnivorous

Resources & Mentioned Fanworks

altocello on AO3
altocello on tumblr
altocello on twitter
altocello on pillowfort
altocello on deviantart
altocello on dreamwidth
altocello on instagram

Amphigoury on tumblr
Amphigoury on AO3

Markie’s comment on Episode 43
Archaeologist_D’s comment on Episode 45
Episode 2×04 on the Merlin Wiki

Skin Deep by PlaneJane, Podfic by bravenclawesome
The Good Life by RurouniHime, Podfic by EosRose
In a world called catastrophe by leviathans_moon

Arthur/Gwen Part 1
Arthur/Gwen Part 2

Something Wort It All by Diana_Prallon [the fic in which Gwen fakes the injury to save Morgana]
Gwen/Morgana Part 1
Gwen/Morgana Part 2

Female Villains S1
Lancelot and Guinevere – and a magic reval [Fanart] by Whimsycatcher


Merlisten theme music composed by side_steppings
News music by Mansardian on freesound.org
Interview/Talkback quote music: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod on freesoung.org
Manip for the cover by brolinskeep, Cover by momo

momotastic on AO3 | tumblr | Podfic | (Pod)Fic updates
misssnowfox on AO3 | tumblr | YouTube | Cosplay

One thought on “Episode 48: Review 2×04: Lancelot and Guinevere

  1. I always thought that the ‘Live for me’ line in Sweet Dreams was a call-back to this episode. The Sweet dreams episode wasn’t written by the same writer but I think she was probably aware of what was said in the previous episodes.

    LOL on the sword abuse and jamming it into the chain. Calling the police on sword abuse. Someone should write that!

    I love this episode and would rewatch it every once in a while.

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