Episode 55: Fanart Part 2

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowfox and Xancredible are again joined by Amphigoury and Altocello to finally continue and conclude our talk about fanart! This is the second part of a two-parter, in which we’re talking about where you can go to find fanart, and how we feel about people making money off of fanart.

The episode is roughly 2.5h long, which is yet another miracle job of editing work by Rox because still none of us can shut up, and the raw file is 4h long.

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altocello on AO3
altocello on tumblr
altocello on twitter
altocello on pillowfort
altocello on deviantart
altocello on dreamwidth
altocello on instagram

Amphigoury on tumblr
Amphigoury on AO3
Amphigoury on LiveJournal
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Fanart Part 1
Anne’s comment on Episode 61
For every artist who’s ever been told that their products are overpriced.


[an incomplete list]

Gwyntastic on LJ | Gwyntastic on tumblr – mind blowing manips
alby_mangroves – the sexiest traditional art ever

texasfandoodler – beautiful linework, colors, and storytelling:
Art for “The Worry Woman” by texasfandoodler

brolinskeep – more mindblowing manips!
Art for “Standing Right in Front of You” by brolinskeep
Art for “Clickbait” by brolinskeep

obliqueo – traditional art, fantastic colors and poses
ObsidianSerpent – traditional artist, paint on canvas!
yue-ix on twitter | yue-ix in AO3 – mix of traditional and digital, beautiful lines and colors
trolley’s art embedded in fic
merlin-art – reposts with permission from blogs on weibo and the like

“I want all of you… Understand?” by Whimsycatcher
Art for “Road of Ruins” by Whimsycatcher


Art for “Inkling” by lao-pendragon


donkiwi – Merlin/Morgana

Nachte on LJ:
Crystal and Gold fancomic – manga style by Nachte

Wrapped In Warmth by Lizardspots
On Edge by Lizardspots

I don’t want to try out any more crowns by Ptelefolone
Tattoos necessary. by Ptelefolone

Tending to My Lady’s Bath – Gwen/Morgana by briar_pipe
Pendragon Crest by Reni_M
Art for “Come Alive” by Argen7
Pilot Episode as Animated Series by achelseabee
Waters of Avalon by Tindu

Gwaine/Merlin/Arthur by b-b-banana
Mafia!AU comic by steam-pilot
Reincarnation comic by Sylliruim
Russian Big Bang Art by thymus
Dear Dollophead collection

Draw this in your style by NancyMerthursLover
Beautiful art mixed with animation by 10kiaoi

Amph’s tumblr is 97% Merlin fanart recs
Merlin artist directory circa 2014
Old LJ rec list circa 2012 – probably lots of dead links, but it’s worth a dive for old treasures
Xan’s fanart tag on tumblr – recs (multi fandom)
Xan’s art tag on tumblr – recs (original artwork)

Kiss under the stars by sara-bocchan
Hockey AU told through instagram posts by daughtersofthanos
Podfic cover for podfic of “Screen control your mother(board)” by Annapods
Hope for a new era by littleskrib
Only but a Dream by littleskrib

Merlin through the ages I by mamalaz
Merlin through the ages II by mamalaz

And sometimes the stories are the same. by bradleymorgans
MERTHUR by colinoli
Merlin knows better by merlinthegay
Reunion by zeiruin
can someone please tell me when it’ll stop hurting by kingdamianos

watching a movie by totheloveless
Knighting by marmaladica
Fakeout by crowthis

Gwencelot I by perplexingly
Gwencelot II

Guinevere | Lancelot by euphoria1001

i was drawn to him by luciferdecker
Yellow by gothkatie
As Arthur wept he called the wrath of heaven on the lovers who’d betrayed him by katiemcgrath
Lancelot showing Gwen a secret magic meadow on their first date by embrace-is-love

deheerkonijn on tumblr:
Art for “Common Law” by DeHeerKonijn
Art for “The Cat’s Meow by DeHeerKonijn

After his father’s death, Arthur discovers the existence of a half sister. by gjdraws
sample of whothebuckdraws’ works – Merwaine


Dakota Bardy – original art and fanart (not Merlin)


Merlisten theme music composed by side_steppings
Interview/Talkback quote music: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod on freesoung.org
Manip for the cover by brolinskeep, Cover by xancredible

xancredible on AO3 | tumblr | Podfic | Fanwork resources
misssnowfox on AO3 | tumblr | YouTube | Cosplay

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