Episode 67: Arthur/Morgana & Gwen/Merlin

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In today’s episode, MissSnowfox and Alex are joined by Brent and Joelle to discuss the ships Arthur/Morgana [Armor] and Merlin/Gwen [Merwen].

Unfortunately, Brent had some tech issues and is therefore hard to understand a lot of the time. Please be patient with it, usually Rox or Alex will sum up Brent’s point at the end. We just didn’t want to cut them from the episode entirely.

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Gillian’s comment on Episode 60

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Morgana Character Study by Merlisten


[Taken on Dec 11, 2020]
Disclaimer: The works listed below (especially the ones in the Top 3 categories) are Armor and Merwen works by the best estimation of xan, who compiled the stats. Xan checked the summaries, tags, and author’s notes to determine if these fics looked like they actually focused on Armor or Merwen as a pairing, or at least gave the pairings a central role, rather than treat them as background decoration. We apologise that some of the listed fics might not be Armor or Merwen works by the estimate of an Armor or Merwen shipper.

Top 3 by Kudos


Top 3 by Comments










Mentioned Fanworks/Recs

Dep on tumblr
Dep on AO3
Dep on YouTube

Finding My Way Home by Dep
Where’s My Love? by Dep
Do I Wanna Know? by Dep

The Pendragons (Uther, Arthur, Morgana) – Hate and Blood | edited by Dep Andr
Arthur&Morgana (ft. Mithian, Lorenzo) -Who’s scared now? | edited by Dep Andr
Arthur & Morgana (AU)~ Α Carnival Of Rust | edited by Dep Andr
Arthur&Morgana (AU)~Carnival of Rust part 2 | edited by Dep Andr

sevanan on YouTube
sevanan on tumblr

arthur & morgana | my tears ricochet | edited by sevanan
Arthur & Morgana | Alibis [Time Travel AU] | edited by sevanan
Arthur & Morgana | hate everything about you (AU) | edited by sevanan
Mordred’s Lullaby (Merlin BBC) | edited by sevanan

SunnydaleRehab2 on YouTube
SunnydaleRehab2 on tumblr

arthur & morgana; take me down to the river (mep part) | edited by SunnydaleRehab2
morgana/arthur/mithian/gwaine; give up my kingdom (au) | edited by SunnydaleRehab2
arthur & mithian+morgana+gwen; new rules (modern au) | edited by SunnydaleRehab2
little mermaid au (reupload) | edited by SunnydaleRehab2
arthur/morgana; got poison on my mind | edited by SunnydaleRehab2

angelica 083 on YouTube
angelica083 on tumblr

Arthur & Morgana II World on fire | edited by angelica 083
Arthur & Morgana II Always Hate Me | edited by angelica 083

nosquared on YouTube

Merlin | Christmas AU | edited by nosquared

LazyWriter1977 on AO3
LazyWriter1977 on tumblr

Dancing Lights and Singing Shadows by LazyWriter1977

SoHereWeAre on AO3
soherweare on tumblr

Shattered Armor by SoHereWeAre

Merwen YouTube Playlist by Rox
Armor YouTube Playlist by Rox

The following recs by Brent aren’t Armor or Merwen stories, so check the pairings before diving in.

For Want of A Nail by 0hHeyThereBigBadWolf

Comment by Brent:

It’s a rewrite of the series in which Hunith leaves Merlin with Leon and his family while fleeing from Uther. I am only halfway through the story so I won’t say much, but I do love the concept and the story up until now. The story writing is also much better than what my poor eyes are usually forced to read in my desperation for an acceptable ending for the show.

The Heartbeat by LadyFromPoland

Comment by Brent:

This one is a continuation for 5×13, where Merlin discovers a way to save Arthur, obviously. But, what I actually love about this fic is the angst more than anything. It’s so painful and satisfying at the same time. I do love the relationship between Merlin, Arthur, and Gwen so much in this one. I also like how the author brought back Gilli, the boy deserved more.

Die For You In Secret by evokingmemories

Comment by Brent:

Gimme gimme gimme the Mercealot content. This is somewhat of a re-write but more of a “what went on behind the saving of Camelot”. I love this fic so much because Merlin gets someone to love, one who loved him back. I really don’t have much to say, it’s a beautiful story. But beware of the super sad ending, I cried a lot.

The Warlocks Protector by weepingelm

Comment by Brent:

It’s a MithianXMerlin which later develops into MerGwaine, and I love both of the ships so much. And this is probably the only fic I’ve ever read which gives my heartthrob Mithian what she deserves. Mithian was a wonderful character and she deserved better. This is a continuation of 5×13 with one or two minor changes in canon.

Complementarity, Entanglement and the Uncertainty of Destiny -OR- A Feminist Mage in King Arthur’s Court by Jenrose

Comment by Brent:

All I’m gonna say is that I love this fic more than any other. It’s so well written that I roleplay as Merlin in Chapter 3 on a daily basis. See your existence as a Merthur shipper, Merlin fan, and confrontation lover is literally useless if you haven’t read this. Also, the entire concept is beautiful. Just, READ IT. GO! READ IT!


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