Episode 56: Review 2×08: The Sins of the Father

cover art in which Merlin wears a headset with microphone and holds up a finger to his lips as if to tell you to be quiet

In today’s episode, MissSnowfox and Momo are joined by two returning guests to talk about the eighth episode of season two: The Sins of the Father. Join us for nearly 3h of asking the real questions about Morgause’s parentage and whether that really was Ygraine.

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After Camlann Big Bang
Camelot Remix
Merthur Glompfest


  • First aired 14 Nov 2009
  • 4 female characters (with lines)
    • 3 main cast (Morgana, Gwen, Morgause)
    • 1 minor cast (Ygraine)
  • 6 male characters (with lines)
    • 5 main cast (Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Uther, Leon)
    • 1 supporting cast (Geoffrey of Monmouth)
  • Enemy/Monster of the week: Morgause
  • No one relevant dies

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